General Information

Passports and visas

All travellers must have a valid passport. A visa is required for a continuous stay lasting more than three months. If your stay is shorter than three months you need to bring only a valid passport with you. This applies to citizens of the following countries: countries of the American Continent (except Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and Peru), Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

For information regarding visas and permanent residence, as well as work permits and business matters, please contact the Swiss Consulate General located nearest you or read more:

Drinking water

Generally speaking, tap water in Switzerland is safe to drink unless otherwise inidcated.

Further information

Climate in Switzerland

The climate is moderate with no excessive heat, cold or humidity. From June to August the daytime temperature range is 18 to 28°C (65° - 82° F).

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Medical care

Medical care in Switzerland is among the best in the world. You can consult any practising doctor in Switzerland. For emergencies, you may go to the nearest hospital or emergency practice, or in urgent cases call an ambulance (144). Every hospital has an emergency department. Make sure that you are adequately insured. Depending on your circumstances, additional travel insurance may be worth considering. You should have your insurance card with you any time you visit a doctor or purchase medicines. Depending on the insurance, part of the cost will be refunded .

Emergency numbers

117 Police

118 Fire

144 Ambulance